Plunge Pools and a Close Call

Materials: Stone; Gravel; Pond Equipment; Landscape Lighting; Drainage Parts; and Mulch.

Installing a Plunge Pools Around Power Lines

Break out the tissues, because this is by far our most emotional video yet… This couple was just like you and I – living their lives, trying to save money, and enjoying their marriage when an unexpected cancer diagnosis took them by complete surprise. They started to re-evaluate how they were spending their time and money, and realized that their outside space was creating stress instead of enjoyment. It’s exactly the kind of transformation we love to take on.
It took two trucks and a giant crane to try and attempt this incredible feat and get it done in time for Christmas to surprise the homeowners…

From Simple to Dream Backyard

The project actually got started when the homeowners were looking to install just a simple deck and the company they contacted gave them a 6-figure quote just for this piece of the project! With that in mind, they pivoted and decided to make the backyard of their dreams. Thankfully, we got to help make it happen in this Richmond home.
In addition to the plunge pool we added some extra drains to get rid of excess groundwater as well as a skimmer built right into the hardscape and built-in jets. The finishing touches? Landscaping, a beautiful flowing water feature, and a lot of pressure washing to get the backyard looking just right. Watch the video to see the results, and watch Part 1 below to see just how much it meant to these homeowners!