How to Add-On to a Backyard Pool

When we originally wrapped up this backyard pool project in the Cypress Creek neighborhood of Smithfield, we thought we were done. We had built as much as was allowed by the environmental approvals we obtained, and the homeowners loved their space. But we were pleasantly surprised when we got a call…
Fast forward many months later, and the wetland buffer got moved – which means we have a lot more room to build! This created a unique challenge: how do we add on to a backyard pool without tearing everything out, wasting time, pavers, and money? Luckily we were up to the task!

First, we expanded the existing pool with pavers, and we’re adding a chocolate border along the edge to change the color tone. Soon we’ll add a big outdoor kitchen wrapped in granite, complete with a pizza oven, bar space, fire pit, and seating wall. You can already see the S-curve we built along with the columns, but of course we have to add one water feature…or two, in this case! Coming soon are two waterfalls, one in the pool and a 14-foot beauty in the corner.

We can’t wait to show you the finished project! Who knew we could get this excited about the term ‘wetland buffer?!’