Like a South Carolina Moon

When we arrived to this Yorktown home we pulled into the driveway…which is exactly the thing we were replacing and expanding. What started out with concrete turned into a beautiful paver-style driveway. The homeowner helped with this design process, adding curves and circles, creating a piece of art in the place that welcomes her family home every day. Of course a driveway demands a seriously stable structure, so that became key as we built the new fixture from the ground up.

What do we love about pavers in driveways? Well, if things do shift and change in the future, fixing it is as simple as moving a few of them around rather than having to rebuild it from the ground up. This driveway will last a lifetime – that’s what we want for our clients!

We hit a unique challenge with an existing walkway that might look mismatched if we didn’t configure it correctly, so we tackled the problem head-on and created a solution. You can see how we did it in the video below!