A Truly Life-Changing Backyard

Materials: Stone; Gravel; Pond Equipment; Landscape Lighting; Drainage Parts; and Mulch.

Backyard Renovation in Richmond, VA

Break out the tissues, because this is by far our most emotional video yet… This couple was just like you and I – living their lives, trying to save money, and enjoying their marriage when an unexpected cancer diagnosis took them by complete surprise. They started to re-evaluate how they were spending their time and money, and realized that their outside space was creating stress instead of enjoyment. It’s exactly the kind of transformation we love to take on.

A Backyard Transforms From Afterthought to High Priority

What started as an afterthought or a luxury – a backyard they could love – became a high priority, and that’s where we stepped in…
Beyond creating a beautiful space for this Richmond home, we wanted to add something special for them. While this couple was gone we pulled the entire team together and finished the project in an unprecedented amount of time.