The Whole Backyard Package in Suffolk

When the heavy rains come to Virginia, they can really wreak havoc on the backyard! Fortunately we had a lot of grading to do anyways, so all the extra mud will be cleaned out and we can leave everything back in its perfect condition.

This was a very complete project so it took some time to make everything not only look good but flow smoothly throughout the space, and we actually finished with a walkway leading to the backyard from the front of the house so there would be an easy way to get to the good stuff. And if you’re wondering, there was a LOT of good stuff to get to…
Outfitting the space required a number of different additions. We started with a gas fire pit, set in a large enough area where seating could surround it and guests could overlook the water. Then we added an outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven – those are getting pretty popular!

Two planter beds surrounded by walls allow the homeowner to showcase her creativity with herbs, vegetables, and as full of a garden as she can create in the Suffolk climate. We added a waterfall feature which will provide another avenue for creativity when the homeowners install a to-scale train track surrounding it. We can’t wait to see what it will look like!

As our final touches we added a special walkway out to the pear with a permeable paver that allows water to flow through without creating a muddy mess or any standing water. Finally, outdoor lighting gives the area enough of a pop that the cool evening glow will be accented – but not drowned out – as they spend their nights by the water.

This space was beautiful to begin with, and now it’s something truly incredible. Come look at what we’ve been able to do!