91 Lights and a Boy with His Dog

The backyard started out as just grass and ended with 2,500 square feet of a Techo-Bloc constructed patio complete with a massive sunken fire pit, two water features, a pergola, some screening walls, and a total of 91 lights. One of our favorite elements is the Boy with His Dog, a small fountain that had been dormant in their garage for over 15 years!

As large as this space was, we didn’t want it to feel too big and grandiose. Instead, we want it to feel like a comfortable space for their family to be at home outdoors, especially when their grandkids get the opportunity to play in the fountain.

This project, built at a home nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of our favorites and we can’t wait to see how they live life outdoors in such a gorgeous space.