A Letter From Our Owner: Our Commitment to Your Safety

We certainly do live in the most interesting of times. At present, we are living through a situation that poses incredibly complex challenges and difficulties for so many. My prayer is that when we look back on this time in history, we will see that through the chaos, families and communities came together. That we served one another, cared for the vulnerable, and gained an appreciation of what truly matters.

Evan, Frank, myself, and the entire Easton Outdoors team are committed to you. We’ve served the Coastal Virginia area for over 16 years now. During this crisis, we feel that it is just as important as ever for you to have a special space and yard to enjoy right now. We believe strongly that the spaces we create will make a positive impact on people’s daily lives, and it is that passion that has driven us forward.

In order to protect all of you and us during this time, we will be taking extra precautions. We will be observing person space and social distancing. Instead of a handshake, you can get a foot bump,🦶 “long long and prosper”🖖 greeting, or even a wave 👋 through the window from us. We will not be knocking on doors or ringing doorbells, but this won’t change our friendly demeanor one bit! You’ll still get to hear my corny dad jokes, or hear about the funny things our kids say.

If you’ve worked with us over the past two years, you know that we have taken a different approach to our sales process since 2018. Ironically, it is uniquely suited to unprecedented times like these. We largely use the phone, pictures, and video platforms like VidYard to perform our estimates and present designs. Over the past two years, we’ve successfully completed projects for many of you reading this with very little in person interaction beforehand – and sometimes without ever meeting in person. Since we’ve had a bit of time to perfect our method, we are prepared and committed to work with you remotely and efficiently, while still accomplishing your goals for your yard and home. We are also prepared to observe the recommended guidelines and get your yard looking amazing while still ‘social distancing’.

All that being said, there will be a few projects that have been delayed. Some of our suppliers have not remained open or are running at a limited capacity. While these have slowed us down, they have not caused any major issues. We have worked around them, and will continue to do so while staying in touch with you.

We’ve got another few months before this is over. As I said before, I know that we will look back in the coming years and see the good in our society, and how we came together as a country.

Please stay healthy, and just as importantly- let’s all keep an eye out for ways we can love our neighbors as we navigate these challenging times.

Micah Miller
Owner/Managing Member