Backyard Oasis in Yorktown – Phase 1

We’re thrilled to walk you through this three-phase project in Yorktown, Virginia. We’ve finished the first phase and have big plans for what’s coming!

Phase 1 included a pool, waterfall, and some landscaping so while the pavilion is being constructed, the homeowners can still enjoy the summer in peace. We finished the water feature, created a walkway, and even installed an easy-access trash pad for practical use. The trees and shade panels (complete with color-changing lights!) provide privacy and a little bit of show-off flair.

The next phase includes a pergola with a gate to create an ambience every time someone enters the space. Right now there is a place for lounge chairs, with an outdoor deck coming to allow the homeowners to enjoy the view.

The centerpiece is, of course, the 38-foot waterfall. A heated and cooled pool with jets and color-changing lights is going to make their summer swimming epic.

Keep watching to see what we’re building in phase 2, from a raised fire pit to all the blooms we’ll add to provide color and texture to this space. We can’t wait for the next step!