A Backyard Pizza Oven? Yes, Please!

We covered some of these details in Part 1, but this is a project that we have been involved with for much longer than we anticipated! Long story short, when the wetland buffer behind the Cypress Creek neighborhood in Smithfield got moved, the possibilities opened up for these clients, and we all got right to planning what we would add to a beautiful backyard pool.

One big change we started with was the actual pave color. Instead of having to apply new stain themselves, we suggested these homeowners opt for a new, chocolate border around the pool to make the space pop. At the same time, though, we needed to make sure Phase 1 and 2 were cohesive. Nobody wants to look at a backyard and see exactly where one project ended and another one began! Plus, there was one more key element to add…
Yep, just like the title suggests, we had the privilege of adding a giant Forno Bravo pizza oven as a centerpiece to the whole project. Sure, we made sure to outfit the outdoor kitchen with a seating area, storage space, and a fridge, but we can’t stop drooling over the idea of grilling some homemade pies out by the pool!

Our finishing touch, as always, was lighting everywhere: the steps, the columns, the wall…wherever we could add them! There’s one more phase left to this project but until then, be prepared for a backyard and a pizza oven you have to see to believe!