Heated Plunge Pool

An Epic, Heated, Wi-Fi Controlled Plunge Pool

Supply chain delays are a dreaded part of our post-2020 world that continue to impact us today and while we try to finish projects as quickly as possible, sometimes the situation is out of our control. That was the case for this Yorktown home, but our main focus was to make the backyard one worth waiting for…and thankfully we were able to deliver!
The whole space was actually designed by the homeowner with interesting curves and angles, plus a sentimental piece that has been around since the beginning. We added a patio, stone steps, a wall, a beautiful waterfall with basalt columns, and a fire pit, but the main backyard feature is what we’re calling a glorified hot tub, courtesy of Soake Pools.

This heated plunge pool is WiFi enabled and controlled directly from a phone, so it couldn’t be easier to customize. We were able to use insulation and make it extremely energy efficient so nothing will be wasted. To finish out the space we added some lighting and celebrated the fact that the wait was finally over, and the space will be enjoyed by these homeowners forever!