A Whole Backyard Ecosystem

We started out with nothing but a hole in the yard, and now we have a complete backyard ecosystem nestled away in the Running Man neighborhood of Yorktown. It’s incredible what is tucked away back here, and we want to walk you through the whole space.

It all begins with a rain barrel, where water falls into an Aquascape skimmer box then enters a rain garden filled with perennials that will soon become a spot of beauty when the plants begin to bloom. Any excess water overflows into a dry well and eventually drains out to the street in case of excess water. And that’s just the beginning…
The idea was to create a path through the space around the fish pond, over the stream, and into the woods where the homeowner is building his own area to enjoy the water feature that sits at the top of the pond. Some extra electrical work allows good bacteria to maintain healthy levels in the flowing water so it stays perfectly clear year-round.

In a small space we created a huge ecosystem, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to improve our local environment through the years!