Creating an Epic Backyard View in Yorktown

This backyard design in Yorktown is going to feature almost everything: columns, walls, outdoor lights, and a fire pit, all in about a 450 sq foot space. The key with smaller spaces like these is making sure that the elements are both cohesive and unique, so we set about making that happen within the constraints we had.

One day we did this was by laying the pavers at different angles to highlight the fire pit, which you can see below in the video and slideshow. We added a few other touches as well…
Surrounding the fire pit is a wall between two columns that also doubles as a seating bench, so when the backyard parties get bigger, there’s plenty of space for everyone. We placed several different lights on the wall and the columns to add a little pop, and centered the whole area just outside their window so they can walk out and enjoy this new backyard oasis.