Find the Best Salt to De-Ice Your Driveway

There are four different types of salt you can use to remove ice and snow from your driveway in the winter or during a snowstorm. Not all of them are equal! Here are the types of salt and the best choice to de-ice your driveway.

1) – Urea salt is not as effective as other de-icers, but it is safe for your pets. Unfortunately, urea is the most expensive type of driveway salt and is only good down to 15 degrees.
2) – Calcium Chloride has the best cold tolerance (down to -25°!) and is ideal for colder climates.
3) – Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) is the safest salt to apply to concrete since it is no more corrosive than tap water, and is often blended with other materials to increase its effectiveness. CMA will not cause damage to your driveway. Its cold tolerance is about 23 degrees.
4) – Rock Salt has a lot of benefits! It can be bought in bulk and is very cost effective. Although it can be used on either asphalt or concrete, it is highly corrosive. The cold tolerance of rock salt is about 22°.

When using any ice melt, put a coating down BEFORE the snow storm comes so the ice and snow cannot adhere to the surface of your driveway. Before re-applying your de-icer, scrape away any excess snow or ice to help save on the cost of your driveway salt.

For more tips on how to save money during the winter season, advice on how to prevent messy salt tracked in to your home or business, and more, watch the video below.

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