Creating a Firm Patio Foundation in Poquoson, VA

Whenever you start a project in the town of Poquoson, there is always a high potential for flooded or saturated ground, and this project was no exception. We have been working on this backyard for awhile, so welcome to Phase 4! Before we even started we designed the whole area in advance, complete with a gazebo, outdoor kitchen, an already-existing pool, wood deck, paver-style patio, and a fire pit where guests can relax and enjoy the evening together. But then we ran into a problem…
As you can see in the video, the ground where we wanted to install the patio was unstable, completely saturated with water. To solve this issue we started draining the water – and there was a lot of it! While this was going on we put a layer of concrete over the base soil, then added cement to ensure that these beautiful pavers would not shift or move in the future. This homeowner will be able to safely enjoy a solid outdoor patio for decades to come – despite living in Poquoson!

Watch the video below to see how we fixed this problem, and keep scrolling for a slideshow of the finished product.