5500 Square Feet of Driveway with Flair

This driveway was originally asphalt layered with gravel and it just wasn’t working for these homeowners. We transformed the non-workable space into a 5500 square foot paver-style driveway complete with some extra flair.

Because we built this in Newport News, there were a few extra steps: permits, approvals, a reinforced apron, and more. We also dealt with some surprising angles to make this as friendly to driving in and out as possible and create a family-friendly space for the homeowners and their grandkids.
At the end of the flared walkway is a beautiful water feature surrounded by boulders and river rock, finished off with landscaping (Japanese maple, crepe myrtles, boxwoods, and more) that will give everything a layered look. To pull everything together we added new, low-voltage LED outdoor lighting to replace their outdated system.

All of this will create an open, welcoming space to usher in guests no matter what season or time of day. Once the finishing touches are complete, this project will add serious beauty to this Hilton Village home.

Here’s a walk-through of what we’ve gotten done so far – and what’s to come!