How to Clean Up Your Yard After a Storm

As residents of Coastal Virginia, we are used to storms and flooding.  I’m sure many of us remember Hurricane Isabel in 2003; the weeks without power, countless fallen trees, damaged homes and crushed vehicles.

I am thankful Hurricane Isaias was quick moving and has done comparatively little damage. However, as we all know, even a quick moving storm can leave us with plenty of cleanup to do. There will be some trees that need to come out, torn up yards, and definitely plenty of scattered debris. 

If you live in Hampton Roads and need some help finding the best yard care company, I’ve compiled a list of resources to get your yard back in shape after a tropical storm or hurricane.

If you need help cleaning up the yard and getting the debris removed:

  • Chris – Osborn Turf Care and Landscaping – 757-788-6782
  • Garrett – Chrismon Care Landscaping – 757-604-7817

If you’re dealing with large downed limbs, a tree leaning or touching the house:

  • Chris – Paramount Tree Service – 757-358-9376
  • Blake – Bayview Tree Service – 757-848-6501

If your irrigation system was damaged by a uprooted tree or other issues:

  • George – Southwell Irrigation – 757-846-6012

Home damage from the storm, the need to cover up a leaking roof, or fix the exterior:

  • Kevin – Priority Home Works – 757-869-0143
  • Tara – Almond Exteriors – 757-915-0126

Electrical issues or need a generator installed:

  • Ethan – Smithfield Electric – 757-617-1132
  • Shawn – Ross Electric – 757-869-3602

Most importantly, stay safe! Please feel to reach out if we can help in anyway.
– Micah

Here is a list of non-emergency numbers to use in the case of a downed power line, blocked road, or broken utility anywhere in Hampton Roads.
  • Dominion Power: 866-366-4357
  • Virginia Natural Gas: 866-229-3578
  • Verizon: 800-837-4966
VDoT: 800-367-7623
State Police: 800-582-8350
Newport News 757-247-2500
Virginia Beach 757-427-5000
Hampton 757-727-6111
York County 757-890-3621
Poquoson 757-868-3501
James City County 757-253-1800
Chesapeake 757-547-6161
Charles City County 757-829-9265
Norfolk 757-441-5610
Smithfield 757-357-3247
Suffolk 757-925-6350
Mathews 757-725-7177
Portsmouth 757-393-8389
Williamsburg 757-220-2331
Gloucester 804-693-3890