How to Improve Your Work-From-Home Life

This homeowner was, quite simply, tired of staring at the same old giant plot of grass in his backyard day after day, month after month. He’s in the same situation a lot of people find themselves currently: working from home full-time. While there are some awesome perks of working from the home office, there are some definite drawbacks. After all, who wants to get tired of being in their own house?

The good news is that we had a massive plot of land and a built-in beautiful water view at this space in Lanexa to create something spectacular. We began to hatch a plan…
First, we wanted to create some separation between the home and the street, so we used some outdoor screen walls – complete with lighting, of course! – to reduce visibility from the road. Around the panels we added some hydrangeas and small trees for a little landscaping touch-up.

Next, we used wood boards and smooth pavers with a contrasting dark border to create a fire pit that has its own little element of separation from the main space.

Since the home has a built-in water view, we touched on one more sensory element: sound. As we built a waterfall feature next to the space where he will work, we imagined this homeowner closing his eyes and hearing bubbling water from a water feature that we lovingly termed the Fountain of Youth. Now he can see AND hear the beauty that surrounds him!

Watch the video below and scroll through the slideshow to see just how this new little slice of heaven looks.