How to Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Clean…For the Long Term!

Today we’re excited to introduce you to our friend Tim with Soft Works Power Washing talking about an area of expertise in his line of work that we know will help you to keep your outdoor spaces grime-free for the long haul!

Whether you have simply concrete patio with a grill, or a garden fountain paradise, it is important to keep your area safe, clean and free of unwanted growth. We clean a lot of backyard spaces, especially in the spring as people gear up to spend more time outdoors. Decks and patios are often plagued with continuous growth of mold, mildew, and algae thanks to the humidity of eastern Virginia. At the bare minimum this can cause your outdoor space to appear less bright and appealing than it used to, but even more importantly it will become slippery and make your surfaces dangerous. It is impossible to avoid power washing completely, but here are a few ways to keep your area cleaner for longer!

1. Keep the Area Dry as Much as Possible

Algae mold and mildew thrive in moisture. You can’t avoid rain fall or morning dew, but you can ensure proper drainage away from your patio. (Click here to find the best drainage pipe)

2. Shade Encourages Organic Growth

We all love sitting in a cool, shaded spot in the heat of summer, but did you know that moss and algae love it as well? When possible, allow the sun to reach your surfaces and kill the growth.

3. Don't Put a Carpet Down!

For the two reasons we just mentioned, a carpet is just inviting mold. The carpet will keep the area underneath constantly in shade and water, causing possibly irreversible damage to wood.

4. Keep it Clear of Leaves and Other Debris

In the same line of thinking as not using a carpet, leaves, dirt, pine needles, etc. will trap moisture as well.

5. Paint or Stain Your Deck

I’ll say it again: paint or stain your deck! Paint and stain each has its own pros and cons, but both will help prevent the wood from cracking, splitting, warping, and even rotting. We see it time and time again: we wash a well-protected, painted deck and it cleans up beautifully. However, there is no telling how an unprotected deck will turn out after power washing. Sometimes the mold has grown so deep into the boards that not even the highest pressure can get it out. If your deck is unprotected, get it cleaned and immediately painted or stained to protect further damage. One exception is immediately after installing a new deck. Be sure to wait at least 6 weeks to allow the pre-treated wood to dry out.

6. Seal Your Concrete or Brick

In the same way you need to protect your wood, you must also protect your harder surfaces. It may not seem like it, but concrete and brick are both porous materials which absorb water. Over time, as they absorb water, freeze, thaw, and repeat you will see cracks form. Sealing the surface is a lot of like putting Rain X on your windshield, causing the water to bead up and roll off. It will also protect from algae and mildew sinking their roots into the surface.

The more proactive you are with taking care of your outdoor living space, the less time you will spend hiring power washers and repair men. Instead you can put that time and money towards enjoying your backyard!

More About Soft Works Power Washing

Tim has always had a dream to start a business that supports his family as well as the community. In 2018, that dream was realized in Soft Works Power Washing. Tim spent all of his free time doing research and educating himself on the ins-and-outs of the power washing industry. Tim’s wife, Jen took ownership of all of the administrative side. Their personal motto is “people over paychecks”. Driven by the conviction that every person is made in the image of God, they seek to treat their customers as such, placing a high value on customer satisfaction and going the extra mile. They strive to make sure each and every customer has an excellent experience and every job is performed with exceptional quality.