When Pavers Meet Concrete: A Total Driveway Transformation

This homeowner was inspired to update the driveway because they were tired of dealing with gravel. The driveway was long, and for years, the homeowner had been spending time blowing gravel and trying to maintain it. However, every time they did this, gravel would end up spreading into the woods. Finally, the homeowners decided it was time for a change!

Before we began discussing the project, they knew they wanted to use pavers for their new driveway. They visited our local paver supplier, Yorktown Materials, to explore their options. During our initial phone call about the project, I had to break the news that opting for pavers for their long driveway would result in a job costing over six figures, excluding any additional features they may want to include!

I knew we could find a better solution, one that would give them the attractive, low-maintenance driveway they desired while also making the most of their money!

We came up with the idea to incorporate concrete into this driveway and then use the pavers to add interest where it mattered. Pavers generally cost $25 to $35 per square foot, compared to concrete which generally costs anywhere from $8, maybe up to $12 per square foot. By incorporating concrete into the middle section of this long drive, we were able to save these homeowners some money while still keeping the elevated look and feel that the pavers provided. 

We knew we would get the best bang for our buck with these pavers by featuring them at the entrance and the end of the driveway. To make a strong first impression, we installed this paver apron using the Techo-Bloc Villagio paver right as you turn off the asphalt road. This apron is VDOT-approved, reinforced with concrete and 57 gravel underneath it, and it sets this space apart which is exactly what we were going for. 

We then switched to using concrete for the middle portion of the driveway. We ended up covering about 2,300 square feet of the driveway with concrete, which saved the homeowners thousands of dollars. With the money saved, they were able to enhance the area in front of their home and add more character to the space.

Upon entering their driveway, you are greeted by a stunning multi-tiered paver design. The main drive area is constructed using  Techo-Bloc Eva pavers, while the space leading up to the front door is set apart using Villagio pavers. Despite the variety of textures used, the overall design flows well and brings the entire space together nicely.

Now, as you drive down the long driveway and enter the space, your attention is immediately drawn to the front door. We incorporated intriguing architectural features such as the extended stairs at the bottom, which gradually shorten as you ascend, creating a captivating entrance to the home. Additionally, we included curved walls, one upper and one lower, to infuse the space with character.

As we worked on the design, we encountered an issue with water pooling where the new upper wall was supposed to be. The tight space between the garage elevation, steps, and yard slope made it impossible to achieve the ideal one-inch fall for every ten feet, which would prevent water from pooling. Instead, we sloped the concrete and pavers slightly toward the driveway and used permeable Villagio pavers with Nitro Sand grout. Now, even after heavy rain, there is no puddling on top of the pavers.

When all was said and done, this job came in under six figures while still creating a unique look and feel for this space – not even the rain can stop these homeowners from enjoying their beautiful new driveway!