Major Pool Upgrade in Hampton

 This house in Hampton already featured a pool, but the homeowner’s style changed right around the time they started realizing there were major drainage issues with the original design. Instead of what was already there, they wanted a clean look with lots of curves and a few big upgrades that would make their outdoor space even more enjoyable.

We started the project by taking out a fence and some concrete as we mapped out a new design. While there was originally a weir installed – no, not weird! It’s a waterfall mouthpiece – we ripped that out as well with a vision for a brand new water feature and another pretty epic upgrade.

So what’s going to be the BEST part of this backyard? Well, in addition to a waterfall with two weird (hey, now you understand the term!), some pool lighting, new coping with pavers and a seating wall, we’re also installing a brand new… PUTTING GREEN!

That’s right, these homeowners will be able to walk outside and play miniature golf right in their backyard with the sound of water flowing in the background. Watch this video and flip through the slideshow to see the start of what’s going to be the most relaxing, entertaining backyard we could envision.

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