Oozlefinch Beer Mojito: The Perfect Backyard Drink!

I’ve been known to experiment with different cocktails. I enjoy assembling a crisp mojito, a cucumber spritzer, or even the classic gin and tonic with a squeeze of lime. So refreshing! I love to grab these creations, sit outside with my wife, enjoy our water feature, and let the kids play. It makes me wish spring and summer would last all year!

Through my constant search for new concoctions, I stumbled across a new recipe. A Berliner Weisse Mojito. I know – now you think I am crazy. You’re saying; “Beer and a mojito?!” You have to trust me on this one. It is beyond fantastic!  Plus, I did not use just any beer – I used Das Yummy, a Berliner Weisse style ale excellently crafted by my friends over at Oozlefinch.

If you’ve ever had a Berliner Weisse style ale, you know exactly why this would work with the ingredients of a classic mojito. The tartness pairs perfectly with the bright, simple notes of the mint and the subtle but sweet backdrop of white rum. Das Yummy is already a nice, tart Barliner, and the fresh squeeze of lime adds a new, crisp zest to the ale, softening the pucker factor just enough to draw the tart notes all the way through the drink. It finishes with a touch of sweet smoothness from the rum and simple syrup eliminating any bitterness Das Yummy had.

Alright, enough about the what- here’s the how:
1.25 oz of white rum
1.5 oz of simple syrup
0.5 oz of fresh lime juice
3.5 oz of Oozlefinch Das Yummy
Dozen mint leaves + a fresh sprig

Normally I would just craft a mojito in the glass, but today I assembled it in a shaker to make sure the ingredients fully chilled before I layered the Berliner. I also noticed the ratios significantly changed the flavor of the drink. I loved this particular ratio- it seemed perfectly balanced. I recommend playing around though, to see if you like the mojito more forward, or prefer the Berliner to take the charge. 

Step 1: Slap your mint or softly muddle it in the shaker to fully wake it up. Pour in the rum, simple syrup, and lime. Give it a shake- not too hard! We don’t want to bruise the mint.

Step 2: Add the shaker ingredients to the glass, then top off with ice while layering in a bit more mint. Top the glass off with the Berliner. Be sure to give it a good turn or two.

Step 3: Grab a lime wheel, give it a good twist. You can can drop it in the glass or leave it to the side. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Step 4: Get outside and enjoy life! ​