Backyard waterfall with large stream

Our 5 Best Backyard Transformations Ever

We’re taking a look at our top five favorite backyard transformations and sharing some of the coolest features from each design. We’ve got everything from a tropical paradise with a poolside waterfall, to a modern oasis with lots of clean lines and an epic plunge pool. Keep reading to find out more about our favorite backyard makeovers.

1. "The Complete Package"

One of our favorite projects to date is a backyard transformation in Yorktown, Virginia. We’re calling this project “The Complete Package” because it truly has a little bit of everything!

Behind the Design

When we first arrived on site, we were looking at a complete blank slate. These clients wanted a pool, a waterfall, a place to cook, plenty of room to hangout, and since they were working with a fairly large budget, so we were off to the races!

We wanted these homeowners to feel a sense of fun and relaxation from the moment they stepped foot in their new yard, but there were a lot of different elements that we had to fit together. We were really intentional with the design and layout of the space, particularly with the wide, theme park-inspired walkways. We used the layout and design of the paver patio and walkway to create a sense of movement throughout the space, with the idea that you are on a journey from one “destination” to another.

Favorite Feature

“The Complete Package” has a number of awesome features like the heated pool, two beautiful waterfalls, a raised fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen with every appliance you could imagine. If we had to pick one favorite element, it would be the raised fire pit and the way it interacts with the waterfall.

From the very beginning of this project when we started talking about how everything was going to work together, this was one of the interaction points I was most excited about. When you’re sitting in that raised fire pit you’ve got that warm, cozy fire right in front of you, and you can see and hear a gorgeous, 38-foot waterfall flowing around you.  ​

2. "The Pond"

The next project is ALL about the water feature, specifically a beautiful pond and waterfall that really steals the show. This job in Suffolk, Virginia definitely has a special place in my heart. 

Behind the Design

When I came out to meet with our clients I walked into the backyard, which had a beautiful view of the water, and there was already a pool, a patio, a beautiful seating area, and there were even posts coming out of the ground for a pergola. I couldn’t help but wonder: What did he even need us to add?!

Well, the position of that pergola was his way of gearing up for where they wanted the view to be. They wanted to look out and see a breathtaking pond and waterfall, right in their backyard.

We designed the waterfall so that it kind of twists, flowing in the direction of the kitchen, and then twists again, turning towards the pergola. These are the two main vantage points where they’re going to be experiencing the water feature from. We added a bunch of really cool rock work, a few stacked slate urns, and some stunning plants to fill out the space.

Favorite Feature

Not only is this pond my favorite, it’s everyone’s favorite! The backyard already features a pool, an outdoor kitchen, some beautiful hardscape, and so much more. But what’s the number one thing people talk about when they walk into this space? The pond!

​That’s why I love ponds, and that’s why this job definitely takes my heart – I just love water features and love seeing how they bring life to a space.

3. "The Water Wall"

The next project also happens to be on a beautiful stretch of water looking out over the James River. While these homes on the river are beautiful, there is also not much space between houses in this location.

Behind the Design 

This design includes some beautiful hardscaping, a plunge pool, a fire pit, some epic water features…and that’s just phase one! In order for our clients to really enjoy this space to the fullest, though, we needed to address the issue of privacy…

The close proximity of the neighbors made this an interesting job, because I needed to figure out how to give them a sense of privacy and coziness, as if they’re the only ones here in this space. I had to really put my thinking cap on. I knew that they love stacked slate water features  so I thought: what if I just made a privacy wall out of a water feature?

Favorite Feature

This brings us to “The Water Wall” which is an 18-foot long stacked slate wall running along the side of this yard to create a sense of privacy, and it also adds such a unique element to the space. There were definitely some challenges during the installation, and thankfully we had our friends from American Waterscapes to come help us out! 

Check back next week for a full behind-the-scenes look at phase one of this project! ​

4. "The Modern Oasis"

The next project on the list is a very interesting and unique space, and we’re calling it “The Modern Oasis”. These homeowners was originally quoted $100,000 for just a deck from another company. That’s right: no patio, no pool – just a large deck. They were definitely willing to invest in a beautiful outdoor space, but they knew they could get way more out of it than just a deck!

Behind the Design 

This family really just wanted a place where they could relax and enjoy being outside together. They wanted to walk into their backyard and feel a sense of peace, like it was an escape from the outside world and all the stresses of life. Of course they also wanted it to feel like a reflection of their family’s personality.

This modern backyard transformation includes not only an awesome deck but a water feature, a fire pit, several lounge and seating areas, and to top it all off, an epic plunge pool.

Favorite Feature

This plunge pool is heated, Wi-Fi controlled, and can be enjoyed year-round. We love the versatility of the plunge pool and the fact that it can be used by the whole family during all four seasons, which is crucial in Virginia. It’s a great place for the kids to jump in and play during those hot summer days, but it’s also cozy enough to sit and relax in the heated water on cooler evenings. ​

5. "The Tropical Resort"

Last, but certainly not least, is an incredible space with a resort-inspired pool and interactive water feature. It’s like walking into your backyard and stepping into a tropical paradise.

Behind the Design

Our client came to us with a plan for the pool and patio layout already done. They wanted us to add a water feature and tie all the elements together to make it flow seamlessly – pun intended! When we first started talking with these clients, I got a picture of rocks stacked on top of rocks at kind of odd angles as they were trying to convey the kind of water feature they wanted on the side of their pool. They really wanted it to feel like an oasis.

We installed this incredible waterfall, complete with rocks and boulders that come up to the edge to surround the pool and hot tub. It’s such an immersive and interactive experience, and thanks to the heated pool it can be enjoyed any time of the year!

Favorite Feature

I think the thing that I like most about this water feature is actually the color of the pool, which reminds me of that tropical flare. We were able to turn this backyard nestled in litle Windsor, Virginia, into a tropical vacation, a place where you can just relax and live in the moment. You don’t need to worry about life or pull out your phone; in fact, throw the phone in the pool and just be here!

And THAT’S why we build these spaces. We transform backyards because we truly believe that getting outside and enjoying your space will change your life! So get outside my friends!