We’re Building a TV Set – Outside!

We’re incredibly excited for this next project, because we get to build outdoor TV set for WAVY10! They will use this new space to host the Hampton Roads show, present weather in real-time, and report the news outside when possible. So what’s in this exciting new area? Let’s take a look…
First, you’ll find an outdoor kitchen complete with a bar space, outside seating, and a grill, with plenty of room for the TV cameras to film and shoot wherever they need. Next to this kitchen is an area to project the weather using virtual reality technology and show how it really looks outside, right here in Hampton Roads.

We’re working in the corner of a parking lot so in addition to some tight spaces – they have to house helicopters here, after all! – we want to make the whole area feel homey and comfortable. We’re adding a wall, changing the grade, and putting in small touches that will make a big difference. This way, everyone can enjoy our installation both while reporting the news and in real life.