Playground Upgrade in Yorktown

The playground at Peninsula Community Chapel in Yorktown is the place to be on Sundays before and after services for kids of all ages. But as much as the parents loved chatting while seeing their kids have a blast, there were a few roadblocks that kept this space from being truly enjoyable. One of the major issues was the traffic flow problem it created when everyone stood in the sidewalk while the rest of the congregation filtered out through the lawn and to the parking lot.

We set out to solve this issue and added a lot more to the space, too…

We created a sidepiece with a walkway and a seating bench, tucked off to the side to provide a better hangout area. Old wood fencing that required a lot of maintenance – and still didn’t look brand new! – was replaced with black aluminum fencing that looks brand new and doesn’t need as much work.

Watch the video below and flip through the slideshow to see this new and improved family space for PCC.

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