We Added 4 Feet of Elevation to the Yard!

Phase 1 is complete for this three-part project in Yorktown, Virginia. To kick things off we built a four-season room and a deck, started in on the landscaping, and completed a walkway leading out to the front yard. The most exciting part, of course, is the 38-foot waterfall that will eventually have 20,000 gallons of water rushing over the space.

We started with a completely flat yard, which ended up being a challenge because our waterfall required almost 48 inches of elevation! Outcropping rocks will hold the soil in, and the slopes will be filled with plants like maple and cherry trees that have been repurposed into the space from other parts of the yard.

We installed 3-inch plumbing in the Aqua-Blocs to allow such a massive amount of water to flow through and, in places, bubble up like an actual brook. Big rocks and boulders will bring the whole water feature together. We love that in this backyard, even if the pool is shut down, the homeowners will still be able to enjoy all four seasons with the rushing sound of water controlled by an adjustable pump.

In Phase 2 we’re adding a walkway to a pavilion with a fire pit carved into the side of the water feature, an outdoor kitchen, and a lot more landscaping, so stay tuned for some more incredible updates!