What’s Missing in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can include tons of features, from a gas grill to stunning granite countertops to an ice maker built right into the design. Truly, the options are endless! For this project in the beautiful Hilton Village area of Newport News, we brainstormed with the homeowners to make sure we weren’t missing anything, and in the process came up with two nice additions:

1) HD TV installed directly underneath the countertop so the homeowners and their guests can watch any station comfortably from their patio chairs.
2) Open-flame gas burner that lights easily, has multiple safety features to prevent any accidents, and adds some fire to any party.

They love the results and if we’re honest, we are a little obsessed ourselves. Check out the finished product and leave a comment letting us know what YOU would add to an outdoor kitchen if you could. Dream big – the sky is the limit!