When the Grill Steals the Show

Sure, this Virginia Beach home already featured a beautiful pool as the highlight of the backyard, but somehow it needed a little more…and, as always, we had a few ideas 😏 The challenge for this space was to combine a concrete pool with pavers in a natural looking way, and add a little privacy in the meantime.

The elements we added – a seating wall for coziness, shade panels, some landscaping featuring ligustrum, and color-changing lights – all achieved this goal, but what we’re REALLY here to talk about is the brand new outdoor kitchen.

This kitchen is nothing short of epic, thanks to a pretty incredible grill. We started with the concept of a space where the homeowner could both cook delicious food while seeing all the action, and we grew from there. Hidden underneath the countertop is a little extra lighting, and smack dab in the middle is the show-stopper: a brand new Napoleon Prestige 500 grill.

Scroll through the pictures below and watch the video to see just why we love the updates to this space so much, and why we’re angling for the next invite to their backyard pool parties this summer!