Why You Should Always Leave a Bowl of Sugar In Your Backyard

Bees are undeniably fascinating creatures. They work tirelessly to pollinate our plants and flowers, providing us with delicious honey along the way. 

However, bees are facing a concerning decline in population, which poses a serious threat to our planet. Fortunately, there are simple steps we can take to support these little superheroes. 

Planting native flowers that require pollination by bees or butterflies is a great start. Another effortless way to help your local bee population is by simply leaving a bowl of sugar out in your backyard!

Understanding the Importance of Bees

Even if you’re not particularly fond of bees, it’s crucial to recognize their importance to our environment. Bees are huge contributors to the production of food. In fact, they play a role in 80 percent of the world’s plant pollination. The next time you enjoy a delicious meal, remember to thank the bees!

Bees also contribute to the health of your backyard by cleaning up dead insects that can get stuck on leaves and flowers. Through their natural processes, bees break down these insects into nutrients that can be recycled back into the soil or serve as food for other helpful organisms, like worms.

The Alarming Decline of Bee Populations

Many people are unaware of the challenges facing bees today. The bee population is rapidly declining, and if we don’t take action soon, our ecosystem could face serious consequences.

Bees are not only essential pollinators, supporting the growth of flowers and plants; they are also integral to the food chain. By spreading pollen from one flower to another, bees enable other animals, including humans, to have access to a diverse range of fruits and vegetables.

​In fact, bees are responsible for one-third of the food that humans consume!

An Easy Way to Make a Big Impact

Creating a bowl of sugar to support bees is a simple yet effective action that can provide some much needed energy to an exhausted bee. All you need is some sugar, water, and a small bowl.

Place two tablespoons of granulated sugar in the bowl and mix it with one tablespoon of water.

​To ensure that bees can find the sweet treat, position the bowl in a sunny spot (but avoid direct sunlight) and give it at least an hour before checking on it again. For optimal results, change out the water in the bowl every day or two. 

If you happen to have some leftover honey from last year’s harvest stored safely in an airtight container, you can use that instead. Just remember to avoid using anything too sweet, like maple syrup or molasses, as these may attract ants instead.

​Not only does this practice benefit the environment, but it’s also a fantastic way to demonstrate your love for nature!

You don’t have to be a beekeeper or an environmentalist to make a difference. By simply leaving a bowl of sugar in your backyard, you’re providing crucial support to these important pollinators.

Similar to how some people leave dishes of water in their backyards for birds, offering a bowl of sugar to bees is a small gesture that can have a significant impact. By taking this small step, you’re contributing to the vitality of these incredible creatures and helping to preserve the beauty and abundance of our own backyard ecosystems.

Bees face numerous challenges, including loss of habitat, effects of pesticides, and other environmental factors. It’s up to us to provide them with all the assistance we can!