Take the Plunge: Everything You Need to Know About Backyard Plunge Pools

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool, also known as a cocktail pool, is a small, compact pool designed for cooling off and relaxation. Unlike a traditional swimming pool, a plunge pool is much smaller in size – generally 8 to 13 feet in diameter and around 4 to 5 feet deep. The compact design allows a plunge pool to fit into a small backyard space, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding hardscape or landscape.

At Easton Outdoors, we’ve had the privilege of working with Soake® Pools, a family-owned-and-operated business, located in the heart of New England. Since 2014, their dedicated team has been manufacturing high-quality, affordable pre-cast pools so that more homeowners can enjoy the spa-like experience that a plunge pool offers.

“Soake® Pools are revolutionary, space-saving pools that combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, install in just days, and provide year-round enjoyment.”

Benefits of a Plunge Pool

A plunge pool offers numerous benefits for homeowners looking to add a private aquatic oasis to their backyard. Here are some of the top reasons to consider installing a plunge pool:

    • Cool Off on Hot Days – One of the main advantages of a plunge pool is being able to take a refreshing dip on sweltering summer days. The small, deep pool design is perfect for quickly cooling off your body.
    • Provides a Private Oasis – Plunge pools can create an intimate setting for swimming and relaxing. Their small size and strategic placement in a secluded part of the yard makes them feel like a personal, private getaway.
    • Lower Maintenance than a Large Pool – Maintaining a plunge pool is much easier than a full-sized swimming pool. The small amount of water requires less chemicals and cleaning. Plunge pools are also far more economical to heat than larger pools.

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

A plunge pool can transform almost any outdoor space into a relaxing oasis. These compact pools are perfectly suited for small yards or patios where a large pool isn’t feasible. The space saving nature of a plunge pool also leaves you with more room for additional features like outdoor kitchens, cozy fire pits, and larger lounge and seating areas. 

Contemporary Plunge Pool Oasis

Elevated Plunge Pool Paradise

Rustic Plunge Pool Retreat

Customizable Appearance

Soake pools come with a variety of custom finishes for your pools tile, bench seat, and cover, making it easy for you to find the perfect look for your outdoor oasis. 


Every Soake Pool is made to order, giving you the ability to customize your pools tiling as little or as much as you’d like. There are over 50 beautiful tile choices available with the standard pool price, or you can opt for a truly unique look with a custom mosaic design. Want to see your favorite teams logo every time you take a swim? Maybe a picture of your favorite pup? They can do it! Or you can stick with a more classic look like a Greek Key. No matter what you choose, your pool will be made with a high-quality, personal finish that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.


Soake pools provides two classic options for the interior bench step: Soake Single Step and Soake Multi Step. Both are great options, it will just depend on how you plan to use your pool.


When it comes to pool covers, Soake offers three main options that are both stylish and functional. Every cover is ASTM F-1346 safety certified.

Lockable Wooden Roll Cover

This cover has a warm, natural look that easily rolls from one side to the other, or can be taken off completely when your pool is in use. 

Textured Folding Spa Cover

This cover provides a sleek, simple look while keeping your pool locked up and safe when not in use.

Powered Safety Cover

This automatic pool cover allows you to open or close your plunge pool at the push of a button. 

Average Plunge Pool Size

When it comes to sizing a plunge pool for your backyard, there are a few key dimensions to consider – length, width, and depth. 

Soake Pools range from about 8 feet to 13 feet in length and 4 feet to 7 feet in width. Standard depths tend to be between 3.5 feet and 5 feet. 

The most popular size is 7’x13’ rectangular, with a depth of just under 5 feet. This size allows maximum room for lounging and relaxation, while still fitting comfortably in a small backyard space. 

The dimensions and capacity you choose will depend on factors like yard space, number of users, and desired features. Since every site is unique, Soake offers several options to fit your specific needs (there’s even a Cold Plunge if that’s your thing!) 

Full Plunge
13’x7′ (ID)
13’10” x 7’10” (OD)
4’11” Depth (Int)

Medium Plunge
10’x6′ (ID)
11’x7′ (OD)
4’11” Depth (Int)

Petite Plunge
8’9″x5′ (ID)
9’9″x6′ (OD)
5′ Depth (Int)

(Hip to Be) Square Plunge
7’x7′ (ID)
7’8″x7’8″ (OD)
52″ Depth (Int)

Cold Plunge
4’x4′ (ID)
4’8″x4’8″ (OD)
42″ Depth (Int)

Special Features

There are several special features you can add to enhance your plunge pool experience, let’s take a look at a few: 

Waterfalls or Jets

Adding a waterfall feature creates pleasant sounds and movement in your plunge pool. Waterfalls can range from small trickling fountains to larger cascading falls. Position the waterfall at one end of the pool or along the side for maximum impact. 


Underwater and landscape lighting opens up the possibilities for nighttime use of your plunge pool. LED lighting adds color effects and ambiance to your outdoor living space. 

*LED pool light is included in standard pricing


A pool heater allows you to use your plunge pool year-round, even in colder climates. Propane or Natural Gas heaters are an option. Maintain your pool from 65-80°F for comfortable soaking and swimming.


Get those “laps” in and exercise in your plunge pool! Choosing a plunge pool doesn’t mean giving up your swim routine – you can swim with resistance by adding something like a Static Swim system. 

Cost to Install a Plunge Pool

Now for the question you’re all asking – how much does it cost? Installing a plunge pool in your backyard can be a significant investment, but the enjoyment and benefits make it worthwhile for many homeowners! The exact cost depends on several factors, but plunge pool installations typically range from about $60,000 to $85,000. Here’s a look at the price breakdown: 

Pool Size*

  • Full Plunge (7’ x 13’) — $32,500
  • Medium Plunge (6’ x 10’) — $31,000
  • Petite Plunge (5’ x 8’9”) — $30,000
  • Square Plunge (7’ x 7’) — $30,500
*Pool w/Light & Equipment


  • Foam Cover — $2,950
  • Wood Cover — $5,000
  • Automatic Cover* — $15,825

*Includes installation and electrical

Installation Cost

  • Shipping — $2,200
  • Placement & Crane — $4,500
  • Excavation — $22,000


  • Raised Stone Wall — $7,700
  • Coping — $3,500


  • Electrical Estimate* — $4,000
  • Gas Estimate* — $4,000

*We use sub-contractors for the electrical and gas installation. We generally see a total budget of $8,000.


  • Heater — $5,300
  • Hide Skimmer — $295
  • Standard Waterfall Upgrade (add’l. pump, stone) — $5,700
  • Premium Waterfall Upgrade (add’l pump, stone, light, Wi-Fi) — $7,400
  • Swim System — $395

The major factors like size, features, and site readiness play a large role in determining the final installation cost, and our team is always ready to help determine the best option for your yard. Investing in a professionally installed plunge pool will provide an oasis of luxury, fun, and relaxation for years to come!

Why Choose a Plunge Pool?

More specifically, why choose a Soake Pool? A plunge pool offers a wonderful way to enjoy swimming and relaxation right in your own backyard. Here are some of the key benefits and joys of owning a backyard plunge pool from Soake Pools:

15 Benefits of Owning a Soake Pool

Beautiful & Customizable Appearance

With their sleek design and materials inspired by nature, Soake Pools blend seamlessly with the beauty of any outdoor space and add a design focal point. Plus, Soake Pools offers an almost infinite choice of custom tile choices for the inside of your pool. The exposed outer walls can be covered with stone, slate, tile, or any material you choose — for just the look you want.

Lower Cost to Build

The smaller size and precast manufacturing process makes Soake Pools less expensive than building a pool on-site.

Year-Round Versatility

Soake Pools are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, designed for year-round enjoyment. It’s like having a pool and hot tub in one!

Salt Water Advantages

Soake Pools’ salt water sanitation system simplifies maintenance, requires fewer chemicals, and yields the many health & beauty benefits of salt water. From ancient civilizations to modern day, many benefits —from therapeutic effects to healthier skin— have been widely attributed to salt water soaking. We include a salt chlorine generator with every equipment package. 

Quicker & Less Disruptive Installation

Soake Pools’ precast concrete pools are available in four sizes and are delivered ready for your plumber and electrician to make their connections, resulting in a quick and easy installation.

Space Savings

Soake Pools’ small size offers more placement options and allows them to fit perfectly in small gardens, patios, or other limited outdoor spaces. In larger yards, they provide a focal point and a gathering place.

Versatile Installation Options

Soake Pools are offered in four sizes, and can be installed above ground, partially recessed, or fully recessed. Our pools are created in one monolithic pour from our own steel forms.

Health Benefits

From muscle recovery to stress reduction, Soake Pools offer the therapeutic health benefits of a cold water pool and those of a hot tub – all year round.

Great for Exercising

Soake Pools are perfect for performing low-impact aerobic exercise. Or add exercise bands for resistance training.

No Fence Required in Many Towns

The optional lockable cover eliminates the need for fence in many towns. Please consult your local code administrator to learn about the barrier requirements in your town.

Expanded Living Space

Soake Pools are an important  part and the focal point of any outdoor space. You’ll expand the living space of your home right into your backyard.

Easier Maintenance

Soake Pools’ smaller size and limited chemical requirements make them easier and less expensive to maintain.

Increased Property Value

The addition of a Soake Pool can increase the resale value of your home.

Less Water

Soake Pools’ smaller size means less water is used than a traditional pool, making them a more environmental choice, particularly in drought-affected regions.

Energy Efficiency

Less space to heat, and less chemicals required makes Soake Pools a more environmental and budget-friendly choice. Plus the variable speed pumps that come with every Soake Pool can be programed to use 80% less energy than a traditional single speed pool pump.

Source: https://soakepools.com/benefits/

Ready to plunge in? (Pun intended 😜) Contact us today to get started designing your custom backyard plunge pool oasis, or head over to www.soakepools.com for more information and inspiration.